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Fast forward nearly four decades and that idea has turned into the $5.75 million-dollar private charter company Daisy Charters & Shuttles. Bratcher relates her personal story on the road to success in You Are Driving Me Crazy. You Are Driving Me Crazy, captures Bratchers various accomplishments and failures over her 36 years as an entrepreneur. medical interview questions ethicsShe provides readers with an inside look into the journey she took to becoming the owner and operator of one of the most successful businesses in Texas, an exclusive charter business complete with 26 coach buses. Bratcher shares the struggles she faced along the way, including sexual harassment, robbery and the consistent threat of failure. next pageThe business executive also imparts her wisdom to women who share her entrepreneurial passion, discussing the keys to advancement for women in a male-dominated industry. Ive had more than enough people tell me that I wasnt going to make it, whether it was because of my age, gender or simply my idea, Bratcher said. The trick is to tune out the voices of discouragement and the thoughts of failure. You dont need a business degree or millions of dollars to start your own company. My goal with You Are Driving Me Crazy is to show that an effective entrepreneur needs people he or she can trust, a creative idea and an astonishing amount of determination. You Are Driving Me Crazy captures Bratchers keen business sense and her ability to recognize opportunity when it presents itself. Her inspiring memoir encompassing various lows, eventual triumphs and one womens will to not let roadblocks keep her from reaching her dream. You Are Driving Me Crazy By June Bratcher

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online training for medical interview

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