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selection interview

View photos Getty Image You came to MLS as the face of a brand new franchise in New York City. hr soft skills interviewHow much pressure was there to perform, and how much pride did you take in the fact that you were the clubs first signing? Its the same if I have pressure or not. Theres a lot of pressure, no? Here more than ever because I was the first player, the captain. At the same time, its a lot of pressure, very proud for me that NYCFC chose me to be the first player. We oftentimes hear MLS referred to as a place where stars go when they want to come to retire, but watching you play, youve never played like you came here to coast into retirement. And, really, off the top of my head, I cant think of many guys who came and took it easy then at the end of their contract they hung up their boots and moved on. Were you aware of this perception before you came over, and what were your thoughts the first time you heard that MLS is a retirement home? For me, I never thought this, Ive done everything in my career.

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selection interview

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