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Atletico don’t look quite the same. homeAn evolutionary process toward a more expansive and attacking approach has proved more problematic than envisioned. This is the club’s best squad in Simeone’s tenure but this is also their worst-ever start under him. It’s almost as though the added talent has become a complication; like more is less for a club and a manager who’ve thrived with comparatively little. But there’s maybe more to it than that, too. The ferocity of Atleti and their leader has faded a touch, the defining trait of the team not quite what it was. The natural inclination is to see it as a sort of fatigue, that playing the way they have and they do is hard; that the toll of slogging it out with unfashionable but staggeringly effective football is now catching up with them. In the world of superclubs, that issue of fashion is important here. Style matters as much as results in an era when the fight for eyeballs, commercial partners and revenue streams is as hot as the fight for trophies. Despite his incredible success, stylistically, Simeone has been as fashionable as sneakers with loose denim., though, hipster glasses and all, couldn’t be more on trend. #LaLiga title contenders?

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job negotiation

job negotiation

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