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Students can also work with a therapist over the course of a week or a few days in what are called crisis appointments, or they might be referred to another campus office or an off-campus program that can help. “The main thing we want to do is make sure students are safe and we use our clinical judgment to make decisions about when we can see people. … We do really good work and serve a lot of students and we are working to adjust our model to reduce wait times because I don’t think anybody feels like waiting a month is ideal.” More open to therapy Other colleges and universities are feeling this same strain, according to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health , which found that the number of students seeking services at university counseling centers nationally increased by 30 percent between 2010 and 2015 five times the rate of enrollment interview skills for university students growth. Counseling center appointments increased by 40 percent over the same time period seven times the rate of enrollment growth. Last fall, CU implemented a new mental health fee so that Wardenburg could begin offering free psychiatric visits to all students. Students previously had access to six free counseling visits. With the fee, they can choose between web counseling or psychiatric care, or a mix of both, for their six free visits. Tomatz said the addition of psychiatric care to a student’s six free visits may have given more visibility to Wardenburg, but he doesn’t believe that alone would account for the increased demand. He said students may also be more aware of Wardenburg’s mental health services because of outreach efforts during orientation and efforts to better inform faculty and staff about available care.

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